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So Coachella week one is happening as we speak, and I just cannot stop thinking about my favourite time of the year which is swiftly approaching … Summer … and better yet FESTIVAL SEASON!! Above are just a few images of some of the festival fashion looks that I am obsessed with at the moment, I love the bohemian look, its so cute. I love patterns, fringe, tie dye etc etc.

I love music festivals for so many different reasons,  it is a place where you can forget reality and just have fun. Enjoying the company of your friends as well as making new friendships that will last a life time. A few personal tips that I have learnt from …

1) Enjoy your time there – put away your phone and enjoy your time out of reality. Take in your surroundings because time soon flies before its home time. The internet and your social media buddies will still be in the same place for when you return … your not missing out. Enjoy the wifi-free zone!!!

2) Weather prepared – I don’t know about all countries but the UK I certainly am sure of … be prepared for all weather climates. For example Glastonbury last year one minute it may be sunshine & blue skies the next hour torrential rain and thunder storms!! This didn’t stop me from my summer vibe fashion … But wellies & a poncho where always at hand. (Pac-a-mac’s 99p, bargain!?)

3) Did you just say jumpers? YEP – I sure as hell just said that, jumpers, oh glory behold the warmth a jumper can bring you in a super cold field in the early hours of the morning. No matter how warm you are throughout the day – a playsuit, shorts, dress etc is not going to keep you warm from the late evening. All of a sudden the temperature can drop – so make sure you leave some room in your backpack for a nice thick jumper!

4) H20 helps – Indeed, at festivals its very easy to get carried away when the drinking can sometimes start as early as the morning. Make sure you hydrate yourself throughout the long days and drink plenty of water – especially in the hot water.

5) Avoid camping pathways – It sounds silly but avoid pitching your tent nearer to the pathways for festival goers to trample all over. Also at the bottom of hills … the amount of water logged tents I saw last year was horrendous! Top of the hill it is for me!

6) Thank the lord for dry shampoo – My go to product and a must have essential – Batiste from Boots is my personal fave!

7) Baby wipes – We legit take so many packets – they keep everything clean!!! Whether it be on your body, clothes, personal items or around your tent!

Whats your favourite festival trends? What do you like the most about festivals?




  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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