So on Friday 29th May of this year, I turned 21 years old! This was my birthday selfie with my inflatable crown, haha.


I woke up to a fabulous birthday breakfast by my mum, which was a table set up with all fun bit and bobs (see picture above). We had strawberries & pancakes,croissants and smoothies. It was so nice … and yummy!


Me, Chris, my mum and nan then headed off to Central London to visit the Sanderson Hotel which is hosting a ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party.’ The photo above shows just some of the treats on offer, it was all really quirky sweet & savoury snacks. My favourite being the mushroom shaped marshmallows, the clock themed Victoria sponge and scones with jam. YUM! There was also a selection of sandwiches & funky flavoured tea – my favourite being the strawberries & cream. It was quite inexpensive for what was on offer, I think it was a really great deal – plus the fact if you finished any of the drinks/sandwiches&cakes – you can have more … as many as you want … for free!!!


We then went back home, had dinner and stayed out for drinks at one of my favourite local restaurants which was really lovely. I got the most awesome cake I could have imagined, it was Alice in Wonderland themed (if you can tell I love Alice in Wonderland). It was absolutely gigantic and it tasted sooooo good!


On the Sunday of this weekend me & Chris headed to London as I had the day off work, so Chris had a day planned of surprise activities for us to do. First of all we headed off to London Bridge, London and went to The London Dungeon! I went when I was younger but it’s all changed since. It was so good, I imagined that it was going to be really scary, however despite the odd scare – it was really interesting learning about the English history. As well as a walk around tour it also includes a water boat road and a drop ride at the very end – it was a lot of fun!


We then headed to North Greenwich to go on the Emirate Cable Cars that go across the River Thames. It was very surprisingly high, which I didn’t realise till we was going up, it is higher than The London Bridge – and also very windy haha. It was a different experience and nice to see London from above – it was surprising how much we could see – I really enjoyed it.


We then headed to The Shard, which is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London. It was amazing to see how far away you could see all the way around London. We went to the highest floor that we were allowed to go – and it did amaze me with the views.

I had the best birthday that I could have wished for, and got some of the most amazing surprises. I am off now to catch up with my journal, until next time.

Take Care, A x


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