*This ones for the girls – beauty post about to commence lol…*

It’s a Saturday and payday is amongst us … So today called for a shopping spree! 

Stocking up on clothing for my new autumn wardrobe has begun and I am absolutely loving it! I prefer being cold so I can wrap up and get warm – I LOVE comfy knits, boots,a cosy coat the lot!

Today however I stocked up on my make up items – I’m going to Ibiza on Thursday so I want to make sure all my make up is stocked up and ready to go!  I got quite a few new make up items – and one product really caught my eye…


It’s Makeup Revolution Highlighter ‘Pink Lights’ ; Which you can find here at Superdrug

It is a vivid baked highlighter and the colour of it is a lovely pastel pink/purple, with a nice shimmer.


I haven’t got to use it yet – but once I do I will update how I get on with it! The highlighter comes in a nice compact case with a nice finish. Plus on the brighter side it only cost me £3!!! It is a complete bargain – and I can’t imagine it being an awful product, the brand had some really nice looking items – and the reviews are all good. I love how exciting it can be to get new make up items – It needs to be tomorrow morning so I can do my make up again haha … (Or not because that involves going to work, sigh!)

What’s your favourite highlight?

Until next time ladies!

Ps – How cute is the bunny in the background?! ^^ It goes perfectly in my room, PLUS it is multi coloured! LIKE if you love bunnies :P!


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