So, I recently got around to looking back on my GoPro videos from mine & Chris’s trip to Croatia way back in July (speedy I know, right)! Tonight I finally got the chance to upload them on to my MacBook, and I thought I had some pretty cool clips – and they bought back loads of memories we made. SO I decided to have a play around on iMovie (I am far from a pro at it), and wala … I created a movie haha!

The video starts off showing some of our time at Ultra Music Festival, I put a clip in of the first night when we arrived there early and you can see the sheer size of the main stage itself! It really was an experience of a life time, completely different to any festival we have here in the UK and certainly one to visit! Then you see us goofing about in the sea, I am SUCH a water baby haha. I love being in the water – I bought the biggest goggles I could have probably found – but if I’m going to pretend to be a pro scuba diver … You have to look the part right? The Adriatic Sea really was the most beautiful water I could have imagined, so clear – cold mind, but so clear!

Be sure to check out the video! Likes for goofing out in the goggles?

Have you been to Croatia? Where’s your favourite holiday destination? 

Sidenote- Any GoPro experts out there… Is there a way to ‘factory reset’ the camera. As I am having trouble connecting my phone and camera?! 


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