So Halloween 2015 weekend has been and gone now, but it’s a weekend I just absolutely love! When the Halloween decorations, posters, signs, sweets, costumes and so on get put out in the shops and advertised everywhere it literally makes me so happy (that, and christmas)! I want / need to go to America on the 31st October sometime in my life, they really do just go all out! When I was little it seemed a much bigger thing in the UK than it is really now, many people don’t open the doors to trick or treaters, but then again with the little shits that live around here, stocked up with their eggs and flour… I guess I may be able to understand why… BUT I still love Halloween spirit!

Halloween FXHalloween FX

Last Thursday I was at home late afternoon beginning to tidy my bedroom/wardrobe. But, I can sometimes tend to get a little sidetracked whilst doing such a task… and soon as I stumbled across a make up bag with fake blood, old brushes, liquid latex, old eyeshadows, etc etc, well it was game over on the cleaning front! TIME TO HAVE FUN! I first of all originally made a cut up my forearm and was initially going to call that a night on pretending to be injured. But then before I know it with about 10 minutes to spare before dinner,  I decided it was time to become a victim of a vampire bite (Obvs from Stefan Salvatore?! Like for TVD reference?haha). I am not a professional and it really is just about having fun, and also scaring my mum (her face and the ‘ahhh’ she made, I wish I recorded it). On this day I also carved my second pumpkin (I also done one on Wednesday) but didn’t actually get a picture of neither (forgot to save on snapchat dammmm)! 

Chris's pumpkin

Friday night was a pretty chilled night, I went round to Christopher’s and he finally got to carve the pumpkin we got the previous weekend! He has carved one before however he doesn’t apparently remember doing it, we cannot have that so I decided we would do another one! After doing two myself, I let him completely get on with it himself and to my surprise … he done a really good job (pumpkin above)! Once he was done with this, he tided up then we went upstairs and in true halloween spirit and without an option on his half, put Hocus Pocus on (because it’s not halloween without a classic kids movie)?! 

Pre Docks 12191016_10153693858314808_1006617791350267608_n

Saturday quickly came and it wasn’t long before waking up and getting ready to go to London’s Tobacco Dock for a daysesh techno event Drumcode. There was a group of us that headed out together, music events really do bring people together, you can actually make such good friends with people, and it was a good group to go out with for sure! I just wore a black faux leather skirt and black lace asos crop top and of course my black converse – with the coolest blood choker. I could not risk blood on my face purely for the fact I had work the whoooooole day yesterday and it bloody stains (pardon the pun). 

It really was a fun Halloween – I do not know HOW I actually woke up on time to get ready and out to work for the whole day but I managed it, it’s hit me today so I’m having a very chilled out day haha. Everything is now turning into the Christmas spirit… where has this year gone?!

How was your Halloween? Do you have the spooky spirit?


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