So being the 4th November I guess it is about time for my October favourites post! I can’t actually believe this is my second favourites post of the series, before I know it, it will be crimbo (crazy!!!!) But for the mean time lets kick things off with some things I’ve been loving this past month…

Beauty Blender

  1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This just isn’t specifically a favourite of just this month as I have been a user of this sponge for a year or so, however recently bought a new one and reconciled my love for it. This sponge is a 3 in 1 multifunctional sponge with it’s different surfaces/edges.It’s great for covering large areas of your face, covering blemishes as well as using the flat edge for contour proving it’s not a limiting make up tool. It’s a handy size, nice and compact to carry around and fits in pretty much all make up bag sizes!

Boots No7IMG_2642

2. No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream 50ml

Next up has been my go to moisturiser, which I got from Boots for a reasonable £9.50, this being the No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream. It’s a formula for normal to dry skin and is a perfect touch for supple skin. I apply this cream in the morning/before doing my make up for a gentle moisturise to nourish my skin for the day ahead. It’s quite light wear and rubs in nicely, nothing to pastey or thick (relief)! The packaging is a nice size, you get a lot in there, and its perfect for carrying around for holidays/over night stays. The moisturiser is hypo-allergenic, dermatologically tested and fragrance-free. It’s soothing for the skin with its enriching elderflower and a great combo vitamins E and F – Leaving my skin feeling super soft.


3. Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

Now I have seen little debates as to what people think of Makeup Revolution some love it, some think it’s cheaper prices mean the brand is ripping off more expensive brands however … I do not agree. What is wrong with an inexpensive make up brand? It should be as simple as don’t like it, don’t buy it. I was looking for relatively cheap lipsticks for a Halloween event I was going to whilst I was shopping in Superdrug. I came across this products on this specific counter and saw that they were £1!!!! A whole one pound!!! I automatically thought I’d read it wrong, or that the colour would be awful but I was wrong. i was looking for ‘Halloweeny’ (defo made up a word) colour lipsticks, (grungy but girly, you get me now)? I bought these lipsticks and once getting ready to go out, I applied the darker plum colour as a base coat and then applied the purple to the centre on top (it’s really not as an abrupt purple as it looks, i swear)! I really was impressed with these totally inexpensive products, why would I have needed to spend say £10 for something I won’t use everyday, when I can get two for £2!?


4. Paul’s Boutique Powder Brush

I bought this brush from Superdrug randomly, and at the time not searching for a new brush. The packaging itself screamed at me, being bright and neon pink how could I have ever missed it !? I wasn’t actually to sure what to expect from this as I always think of Paul’s Boutique back in the day with the in your face bags – but I know they are changing the brand a lot since then, and to now get in to the beauty industry is a very different direction PLUS for under £4 I just had to try it! I also really love the presentation of this brush, it is probably the most colourful I have in my collection (I mean it’s neon pink and has a lightning bolt down the side)?! The bristles are super soft synthetic hair and on the positive side cruelty free, woohoo! 


5. Prep+Prime Highlighter

I got this on the way to Ibiza at duty free whilst at Luton airport, for around £16! I absolutely am in love with this product. It’s a pretty self explanatory kind of item, it’s so great to highlight and radiate the areas you want, with an easy and clean application brush. It’s great over the top of make up for highlighting areas and touch ups, but also versatile and great under make up for priming and brightening the skin for the rest of the day!


6. ARIANA grande ❤

Lastly, and most obviously I have again just been loving AG. Enough said.


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