So whilst having a walk home and finding inspo of similar posts had led to todays post idea – an open letter or more so advice to my teenage self. Meaning my life during high school a fun but sometimes challenging time, and whilst taking a walk I had time to reflect on things I’d tell my past self for future reference. 21 is another milestone, and I’ve already learnt from these things, perhaps once I’m thirty something I’ll do one for my twenties haha.. but for now let’s get started alio…


  • Don’t stress about the never ending university application process – you made it and you graduated! 
  • Don’t be a cow to mum – you wasn’t in the right go and apologise (parent’s can sometimes be right, not always haha) 
  • It’s not cool to smoke – well done for never touching a cigarette (you never will neither) 
  • School doesn’t make you smart – you will learn from so many more experiences later on
  • Don’t hit the fan when your sister tells you that you have an attitude problem – she’s right, you do! 
  • Don’t allow a boy to make you cry – you’re to young for that shit! 
  • Don’t stress over maths – you got into uni and passed your finance modules! Plus you proved that GCSE maths teacher Mr Mesher wrong, you can do it!
  • Mum and sister disapprove of certain outfits? – Thank god now they didn’t let you wear them! 
  • High five for wearing barely any make up – You had spot free skin hurrah! shame you started once you left school dam haha
  • You should have learnt Spanish – It would come in handy for your future trips to Ibiza! 
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you – You have a good set of close friends, that’s all you need.
  • Love yourself – before you love anyone else
  • Ask for help if you need it don’t be afraid
  • “I’m on my way now” or “I’m around the corner” texts to mum when really your out with friends still Stop! Just tell her how long you’ll be and don’t take the piss! She only cares! 
  • Watch as much Disney channel TV & Nickelodeon shows that you love – because you can’t find them on TV or Netflix now! 
  • Don’t wish your time away – Time goes too quickly
  • Don’t stand on your laptop / Tidy your room!!! – It’s not a pair of scales, you are not going to hear the end of that, and every time you want a new techy gadget it will take mum 100% more convincing Dad in to agreeing …
  • Be kind – Drama is unnecessary, stay away from it
  • Not old enough to go out ? – Don’t worry you are going to have some of the BEST nights of your life from 2012 onwards!
  • Friends come and go – Friendships aren’t static, some friends will fade away. Don’t be bitter they was in your life at that specific time for a reason

These are the things I’d tell my teenage self, now what would YOU tell yours?


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