Firstly… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So it has been a while since my last post but I have been on WordPress catching up on blogs, just not actually posted myself. I’m back after a fab christmas with all my loved ones, I obviously ate my body weight in food, played many of card and board games with my family anIMG_3849.jpgd had lots of fun!

So now I’m kicking off the new year with a review of one of my favourite brands… Too Faced! I received this item as a present at christmas, which I really really wanted, but it was sold out everywhere online beforehand!!! So it is *first drumroll of 2016 please…* Le Grand Chàteau!

This cute little box is not just any box… it is a special Limited Edition Dollhouse box! The collection includes the brands infamous ‘Better than Sex’ deluxe size mascara and three separate palettes – all together totalling 18 gorgeous eyeshadows, two blushes and one bronzer! The eyeshadows hold around 1.14g worth of product so you are actually getting the usual amount you would in a large size palette.

Now for the pretty palettes…


This one above is the Paris With Love showcases some of my personal fave pigments of eyeshadow! I love the light and shimmery tones that are themed throughout. This palette has very girly, light and some neutral tones that I use for both daytime and nighttime looks. The bronzer has a slight shimmer and complements the eyeshadow pigments perfectly, uhhh hello who doesn’t wanna be a bronzed goddess!


Next in the holiday set is the Paris au Naturale palette – now these shades and pigments are my literal go to, whether its daytime or nighttime look I usually sway towards more bronze/brown, neutral and earthy undertones.  I absolutely loved the ‘Mademoiselle’ blush, it’s a rich blush pigment that completes the look!


The last palette included in the boxset is called Paris After Dark, which as you can see from the colours above are deeper and richer and much more dramatic tones. In terms for my personal use of this palette will be used for evening looks. I adore the blush that comes with this set completing the evening time look, the colour of pink pops, it is fun and girly!


Overall I LOVE this Too Faced set, you get such a good variety of product and different colour tones! The different shades of each palette complement each other and you have three different looks ready right there for you to create that perfect look, whether its daytime or a nighttime look you are looking for! Many of the eyeshadows are matte buttery finish with the most perfect pigments. The other shadows are shimmery and metallic and all apply with a lovely texture. The blushes and bronzer are perfect cheek products that they could have given, and accompany the eyeshadows nicely. Lastly the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara is a fabulous throw in! I have used this brand of mascara for the past year ever since my sis bought me one back from the states, and I haven’t found another one like it since! You can apply a minimal amount and in a couple of coats your lashes look fab! I don’t wear fake eyelashes and love the look this allows me to have!

You get really good value for money with this set, not only the products but also the decor of the box is a huge selling point (especially for me anyhow) I am such a sucker for cute packaging, but I’m glad my instincts got me to ask for this set because its cute, girly, so handy, travel sizes & it’s Too Faced… need I say more? 

Thanks for stopping by, whats your fave Too Faced products?! 








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