Hello lovely readers,


Now being a pretty new blogger to the WordPress world I am super delighted that other people enjoy my blog – I do this because I enjoy writing about  the things I like, taking pictures and talking to people around the world. 2016 is going to be a year in which I am really going to commit more to regular posts and updates – and I can’t wait!

Now back to the reason for this post, I was nominated by Project Hay to do the ‘Beauty Blogger Award’ tag which was such a lovely gesture for her to have even thought of me! Hayley is also pretty new to the blogging community but you would never think it if you go now and check out her blog she’s a natural to it! Go check out her blog for beauty, how-to’s, lifestyle posts and the many more to come! Hayley if you’re reading this thanks again for the support, and keep doing your thang girl! This tag has such positive vibes, allowing us bloggers to get to know each other more and also reach out to bloggers we may have not known about before!

Now for the rule of the competition…

  1. Tag the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.
  4. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them!

Now it’s time for Project Hay’s questions for me…

If you could splurge on any brand (of anything), what would you choose?

Make up wise Too Faced EVERYTHING! I cannot help this addiction it needs feeding haha! I love the packaging, the brand, the products, the chocolate smelling bronzers, the fact it’s vegan-friendly, and it doesn’t make my skin break out! It’ good value for money I think, and if I had plenty of money to splurge Too Faced wouldn’t give me any second doubts. I love technology, I’d also splurge on every Apple product for my house haha.

What is your favorite season, style-wise?

I do absolutely LOVE summer and when the UK is blessed with its warm days and nights, however I can’t help but love when we are entering Autumn! I always love to get a new coat or jacket, don’t get me wrong I do love being able to wear dresses, skirts, sandals the whole summer festival boho vibe – but I prefer to a bit chilly and having the ability to wrap up rather than sweltering hot and half naked trying to cool down haha. I love the fur, hats, knee high and ankle boots! But then it get’s to the stupidly cold point and I’m wishing it is summer again… It can never win!!!

If you could have a conversation with anyone in the past or present, who would it be and what would you discuss?

Without a doubt, no questions needs my Grandad! He passed away 11 years ago after battling cancer. I was so young, I hold such fond, great, happy and loving memories of him and which we shared together. Now I’m older I am forever learning so many stories about him when he was younger, and I would love to be able to chat and laugh with him actually telling me the story himself. I know he’s always with me, but I would love to hear his voice again.

What do you do that always brightens your mood?

Listening to music always helps, seeings Chris usually puts me in a good mood but also Netflix nothing a good movie, series or documentary cannot sort out! When its quiet on the roads I like going for a drive, music up singing away.

Favorite Disney (or other animated style) film?

There are sooooo many Disney films that I absolutely adore, in terms of newer Disney films I literally LOVE Tangled! And in terms of old school Disney, I mean I love them all, but in particular Peter Pan & Alice in Wonderland. I mean the idea of escaping to a different dreamy land called Neverland & Wonderland, ummmm hello who wouldn’t wanna be there!

Do you wear makeup daily?

Pretty much, however mostly day to day I wear minimal so it doesn’t take to long neither. If I’m just popping to town or something just a small amount of foundation, concealer, bronzer, brows & mascara. I hate going without mascara, I feel like I look tired without it!! However if it’s a lazy day at home I won’t bother, it is good to let the skin breathe and rest!

What is a strange habit that you have? If you don’t have any, what is a quirky thing about you?

I’m not sure if this is even a habit but I get addicted to topics and things for like a week, I absolutely read/research/watch videos/write ups on that topic for a small amount of time then I let it go haha. So after I watched Blackfish, I watch every whale documentary, YouTube videos, learnt all facts then I just stopped. And something kind of  quirky about my actual body is that I can shake my eyes (hard to explain) lol.

What is your favorite food/meal of all-time?

I LOVE pizza! Like I could eat it endless amount of times, whether it’s take out, home made, supermarket bought, whatever toppings, crust… I’ll eat it! Pizza doesn’t ask questions, pizza understands…

Where would your dream vacation be?

It’s a toss up between Thailand and America. Both for completely different reasons, Thailand I would love to travel be a beach bum, learn about the culture. America, there’s just something I love about that place, I went to NY and Skiing in Vermont. I have a friend in Vegas who we plan to visit someday. I’d love to go to EDC, Ultra & Coachella!

Who/where do you get beauty and fashion inspiration from?

I really love to watch YouTube videos for inspo, especially for beauty/make up. Some of the channels I love are Bethany Mota, Carli Bybel, Chloe Morello, Freddy My Love, Megan Parken, Zoella plus many more! I also get a lot of inspiration from Instagram accounts, and I love Glamour mag!

My Questions:

  1. What are your fave hobbies?
  2. Red, pink or nude lips ?
  3. Who is your greatest inspiration?
  4. What make up item couldn’t you live without?
  5. Who would be your dream date?
  6. What is your biggest fear?
  7. If you could take only 3 things on a desert island, what would they be?
  8. Favourite three TV programmes?
  9. Dream destination you would love to visit?
  10. In your opinion, what is the best make up brand?

I nominate:

  1. Pores for Thought
  2. Styled with Joy
  3. Online Beauty Finds
  4. 50 Shades of Vanity
  5. Miekeey
  6. Beauty and a Little Extra
  7. Naturally K.Rich
  8. Biscuits & Makeup
  9. Mrs Dimples Beauty
  10. HollyPop Does Beauty

Have fun, enjoy! Be sure to check out all the lovely blogs above that have been mentioned – these are a handful of blogs I love and know you all will too! Thanks to Project HAY! X


2 thoughts on “BEAUTY BLOGGER AWARD!

  1. I love all your answers! Peter Pan has always been my favorite Disney film too! I’m excited to get to know more about you and thank you for all the kind words. You’re the sweetest! 🙂


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