So, I recently sorted out my make up shelves and whilst throwing out some used up, near gone old beauty products it was then time to stock back up and buy some new bits (any excuse Alio)!  I ended up buying two foundations that I have never tried before; L’Oreal True Match & Maybelline Fit Me foundation. First and for most I love the packaging of these bottles, both of a decent size, perfect for my make up bag and very easy to dispense. I have heard nothing of good things about both these products so I was certainly excited to see how they both came out. 
It must be a sign that both these foundations are extremely popular as there was a lack of variety in the shades left in store, even the following few days after I popped in to Superdrug and Boots, with still not many shades to offer or restocked! However from quick swatches I was able to find tones that looked similar and quickly snapped them up! Firstly I bought the Maybelline Fit Me in 120 and L’oreal true match in 1.D/1.W Golden Ivory.


When I first applied the Maybelline foundation I found it very dewy almost borderline ‘oily’ texture, however once I had fully blended it in and al
lowed it to set, with the help of the Mac translucent powder it did lose that dewy look. It has quite a thick consistency but not at all to an extent where it looks cakey, I found that it applied better with a beauty blender sponge for it to blend in fully and even across the skin. I did really like the tone of the 120 it was a perfect shade for my skin tone. I would probably suggest that if you have oily skin to stay away from this as so far I don’t believe that it is a very long lasting foundation, with maybe an average 4-5 hours with only a light coverage. Where as if you have more dry skin it doesn’t cling to them patches, it actually hydrates these areas which is great! The photo above is a quick snap of my skin after applying a small amount of this foundation, there is still a little dewy glow which is why I avoided using to much product as after applying powder it didn’t go to shiny! I think a small amount goes along way with this foundation, and I do personally think it has done the job – the only downfall being is it isn’t long lasting!


The Loreal True Match was a foundation that I saw many of my favourite bloggers write/make videos about so was deffo was one I was interested in purchasing. I have only used it a handful of times but can I just say I LOVE this product! For being an affordable drugstore foundation I am already super happy with outcome! The shade is actually maybe just one shade lighter than I would usually go before, but it was quite tricky swatching in the bright light shop. HOWEVER it’s okay for when I have no fake tan or anything, especially once I have my full face done. It was so easy to blend in with a nice coverage, it didn’t crease or stick in any of the wrong places. The tone added a nice radiant glow, however not in a sense where it leaves your skin looking greasy. With applying finishing powder you can also get a lovely matte finish on the foundation if  you prefer the matte look. I feel like this foundation is a lot longer wearing throughout the day, and also there is such an extensive variety of shades available, I strongly recommend if you are looking for an affordable foundation to check this one out! The picture above is a quick snap (ignore my tired face, I just woke up)! this picture is just after applying the true match foundation which also covered really nicely, without going to cakey! I really like the consistency of this one, it’s a little thicker than the Maybelline one and blends so effortlessly!


Then this morning when getting ready to pop to town, I realised I had a bit of fake tan, so I randomly decided to pump a small amount of each foundation on to the back of my hand, mix together and apply with a stipple brush, then pat with a beauty blender. The two tones worked SO well together, I got that little darker tone than I needed with the Loreal with the help of the darker Maybelline shade. I actually really liked the two mixed together and found that the Pros of them both together outweighed the cons! Overall I am happy with these foundations, they are super affordable and happy I have tried two new products!

Whats your fave drugstore foundation?! 



    1. I found this tricky too! If I’m honest I did just swatch in the shop, the Maybelline didn’t come in as many shades so that was A LOT easier, however the L’Oreal there are a lot more tones! With no tan on I am usually Ivory, so that narrowed it down a lot! The L’oreal is a really nice foundation, the Golden Ivory is a warm tone, where as say the ‘Rose Ivory’ has more pinky undertones! Xx

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