Hey girls,

So yesterday I spent the day/evening in Central London as part of a christmas present from Chris; a trip to Drury Lane theatre to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Can I just say just how GREAT this musical is! Everything about it, the cast, set design, songs, comedy, costumes – everything really worked and bought a classic film to London’s Westend

We got into London early so had some lunch and went around Leicester Square & Oxford Street for the afternoon! We then later made our way over to Covent Garden, had a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s dinner with cocktails before making our way over to the theatre. We was very lucky with the weather it remained dry (yaaaay) but as we are in England it was a little chilly!

This was me trying to be casual about a quick snap in the middle of Leicester Square (hmm I don’t go awkward at all, syc)! I was so gutted that the Creme Egg Cafe wasn’t open the day we went! If any of you go, take lots of pictures and let me know how yummy it is haha!

I got to wear my new khaki belted trench coat which was perfect to wear not as it’s not too thick so I’d be super hot, but also enough to keep me warm. Underneath I wore my River Island half faux leather & faux suede black skirt. This skirt is so comfy to wear and move around in, so perfect for travelling, walking around London and also to sit about in without being uncomfortable. I paired this with a simple striped H&M long sleeved top, Next black Chelsea boots, a check scarf & a brown Accessories handbag. Oh plus black tights of course; it’s not quite warm enough for the pins to come out…

As it got later, and the shops started closing we headed over to Covent Garden to find a place to eat and drink before we would head to the theatre. I just love London, especially at nighttime when it is a little less busy! We went to an american themed kind of restaurant which specialises in food & cocktails… UHM perfect?! If you ever find yourself in The Roadhouse – I strongly recommend the BBQ ribs, and drink wise a Strawberry Daiquiri – you can never go wrong! It was reasonably priced, the interior and vibe in side was cool and quirky. Pretty dim lighting, music out loud to sing along to whilst you wait, and happy hour on drinks until 8pm! We then headed to the theatre to see the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It was such a fun and great production to watch, and we had great seats so that was a bigger bonus! I was thinking beforehand how they would bring parts from the movies to life- and boy did they deliver! Even if you’ve not seen the films or a massive fan, it’s certainly a show to go and watch!

Thanks for stopping by! 

What’s your fave things to do in London?



  1. this sounds so fun! I used to live in London – such an amazing city 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Love your outfit, especially the trench coat and skirt! I’ve never been to London and now that I’ve read your post, I felt more eager to visit it as it looks like you really enjoyed your day there!


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