Hello girlies!


So I recently purchased online the NYX Wonder Stick and yesterday it arrived! I am pretty new to using NYX and was super excited for this product to arrive. I had researched up on it a little bit before buying mainly for shade swatches as buying online can be SO tricky for getting the right shade! I had read mixed reviews on this wonder stick so I was very eager for it to arrive so I could form my own opinion on it.

When picking the shade I was torn between the Light/Medium and the Universal colour. After googling, reading blogs & watching YouTube vids, it soon become apparent there isn’t at all much difference between the two, other than the highlighting side on the universal one is shimmery – where as on the Light/Medium it isn’t.

On appearance the contour side looks like a reddish brown, however once I swatched it, I much preferred the warm neutral tone – not orange in the slightest, phew! The contour is much more taupe than I was expecting and I LOVE it! The highlight has an almost yellowish undertone which is great for my under eyes. It does have a slight shimmer, but it isn’t too iridescent – or half as shimmery as the universal shade looked!

The Wonder Stick was super surprising in the fact it applied so easily and smooth, it’s a creamy consistency once applied but blends so easily in to the skin. I quickly wanted to test this out this evening before it got too dark for photos so I applied a small amount for a natural look and boy oh boy – it took me literally maybe 5, 10 minutes max!? I was in a rush, and this little stick of wonder applied so quickly and easily, it was a dream to work with!

As you can see from the pictures I applied a literal small amount of product around my face and not too neatly either, haha. I absolutely love the tone and contrast of both the highlighter and the contouring sticks! If you are looking for an inexpensive highlight & contour product then I strongly recommend this Wonder Stick! This cost £10 which is cheap for a 2 in 1 product, it’s a perfect size tool to carry around and has a build up coverage depending on how much definition you want to add! There are four different shades available to suit every skintone, Light/Medium worked with mine perfectly! If you have quite oily skin I wouldn’t be to sure on how it would work, just for the fact it leaves a creamy finish. It amplifies and adds radiance to the areas that you apply it too for certain, with it’s cream consistency it also leaves a slight dewy finish – which I personally love, it adds a natural touch! For contouring I used my contour brush from the Real Technique’s Core Collection set and for highlight the Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge which blended in so nicely.

As far as how long it lasts, I can’t fully comment. I’ve had it on for a few hours not and it is still looking the same. However after reading online if you are going out for the day, be sure to apply a setting powder to finish it off!

After trying this NYX Wonder Stick, I can definitely say that my first impressions of this product are 100% POSITIVE! After this first use I haven’t got a bad word to say about this highlight & contour stick. You get a two in one item, it is super inexpensive and you get such good quality for price!

What’s your fave highlight & contour?!




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