Hey welcome back✌,

So the time has come to finally get to one of my perhaps 2016 ‘resolutions’ as it is February now! Me & Chris went to a local gym yesterday evening with a free guest pass to try out and see how we like it – which we did so are now members and actually gone back today (ouch my legs)! The goal isn’t to just ‘look good’ I want to feel good on the inside, and live a healthier life. I am no way going under a strict diet or anything like that, just want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle and work out more! I love chocolate to much to ever give it up, but that doesn’t mean I can still eat healthier and exercise more. Not only does working out weekly and eating healthier meals make you feel and look better about yourself, it gives you more energy, a routine to follow, help with the battle for clearer skin, helps you get a better night sleep, strengthens your bones, reduces stress/anxiety and the list goes on…

So with Chris being a fitness freak it was good to start a new gym with him and learn about all the equipment/shown how to use it because starting new can be daunting! Yesterday we trained back and abs, today we done legs & cardio. It’s only been two days but already I am super enjoying it. A few years back I really enjoyed the gym then I just lost interest, I personally, to be 100% committed have to fully want it. However before I just done the basic cardio & ab workouts – which is why I have really enjoyed going with Chris as he’s teaching me all about lifting and incorporating weights in to my workouts and it’s been SO much funner than just going on a treadmill – I ache – but it’s a good kind of ache! Out of all of it I’m most striving for progressing and improving my upper strength, my weak chicken arms thoughhhhh haha! Classes that I would really be interested in trying at some point in the future are yoga, kickboxing, kettle bells & insanity.

So this is just the beginning, but I’ll keep updated posts as we go, below is some fitness/food related inspiration pictures I have found online to get us motivated! ☺


So that’s it for tonight, just a little update and inspiration pic collage! Are you on this venture too? I’d love to hear, until next time girls ✌


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