Before we get in to the Real Techniques Cleaning Brush Palette heres a quick ***UPDATE***  First and foremost I’d like to apologise for the slight delay in posts over the last week, on Tuesday we got a puppy 😍 Her name is Darcey, she is 7 months old and a little jet black cockapoo! Thats her picture above. Then on top of settling a puppy in to our home, I have been going gym every afternoon and by the time I have gotten back it’s been too dark to take pictures of the things I’d want to blog about… But the slacking stops here… Lets get to it…

So as we all know one of the most important steps to an easy and great face of make up is the cleanliness of the brushes you are using to applicate it! I saw the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette for £12.99 and couldn’t see it in any stores in my town centre so ordered it online. It got delivered to my closest Superdrug store pretty quickly, and on day of collection I saw they had the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser for £6.99, or if you needed anything else it was at the time buy one get one half price, result! I do have another branded item that I love to use for cleaning my brushes, so I was pretty excited to see how this one compared.


The whole idea of this cleaning palette is that it helps to remove any make up, oils or impurities from your brush bristles. The silicone palette has a handle on the back of it so you can slide your hand in to and hold whilst cleaning the brushes which I must admit does feel much comfier and easier to control your movements and motions. Plus being all silicone it has a very good grip, even if it  happens to get wet whilst cleaning.

As you can see the palette has three different gradients for cleaning different brushes, the section closest to where your wrist would be is for smaller brushes, middle section medium and top section larger brushes. In this example I used the middle and top section which is ideal for face and powder brushes!

After moving in to the bathroom, I squeezed a small dime size amount of the cleansing gel in to the middle of the palette. The gel itself smells really nice and fresh, and may I add that its usage is for deep cleansing – so its quite a thorough product and doesn’t need to be necessarily used if your brush is barely used. It’s perfect if you wear make up a lot, and like me sometimes just cannot be asked to clean your brushes – this product is perfect! I then added a small amount of warm water to my brush to soften it up, and then began the cleansing process.

You want to be sure that you don’t press to hard on the palette, so assure you gently swirl your brush around the palette gradients in a circular motion and you will see all the make up easily come off the brush and into the palette. I then put my brush back under the tap just to dampen it again slightly then one last swirl around the palette for any excess foundation. To finish up I just used a couple of sheets of kitchen towel spinning the brush into it to get any remaining make up off, and more importantly any water out of the bristles.


Once finished cleaning the brush and assuring the excess water was removed on the kitchen paper, it is time to let the brushes dry. The palette is really handy as you can rest you brush flat, with the bristle end facing down. It is important to have the bristles downwards so that any remaining water or product will dry off, if up on the spine it could potentially work down the brush and into the glue which holds it together.

I only done a quick clean on a couple of my brushes but already I am impressed with the out come. With the cleanser gel you get 150 ml worth of product which is hugely generous baring in mind you only have to use a small amount per brush, so I’m hoping this will last me a long time.  The palette itself is a good concept, and great that you can use different types of brushes – and not necessarily just with the RT cleanser gel. My brushes are near enough dry now and are looking much cleaner and softer, plus they smell SO good from the gel.

What’s your fave brush cleaning products?!






  1. I’ve had my eye on those 2 products! I think I’m going to see if the palette is sill available I so need it lol! Also the cleaning gel I need!!! I’ve just recently boughten one from Walmart I forgot the brand but it looks exactly like the real techniques one, hopefully it works lol

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  2. I’m still not sure on these brush cleaning products. Although the palette aspect I guess makes things easier and wouldn’t burn my hands due to water being too hot!


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