So today’s post is all about NYX’s Highlight & Contour Pro Palette – (HCPP01) and how I am finding the product so far. I got this for christmas as a present and this was actually my first contour palette I have used. This NYX product is a powder based palette offering eight customisable highlight and contour shades to emphasise your features! The palette here in the UK online costs £18 which I think is pretty affordable and reasonable for a contour and highlight palette of a good brand like NYX. The palette is black plastic with a clear lid so you automatically the shades you’ll be working with. The pans actually pop out, and you can buy them individually for any refills which is always good if you end up loving the product or one specific shade!

The NYX Pro Palette is one of the most affordable contour and highlight products to hit the shelves in the beauty world offering 4 highlight pans, and 4 contour pans which are interchangeable and customisable if you prefer some shades to another.


All of the eight powders are each highly pigmented and easily blend however the top two highlighters in particular and are a little bit chalky – which for those who often find they get creasing around the eye areas may want to avoid. Also the highlighters are quite powdery when applying to the brush and can leave a little excess around the sides of the palette – especially Ice Queen. To set my under eyes I really am liking the cream coloured pan, which reminds me of the Banana powder and really lightens my under eye area.


The contour powders are my favourite pans of the whole palette they offer warmth for the face, and some are even taupe. Once actually swatched they aren’t as dark as they may look in the palette however I think a little goes along way with these contour shades as if too much is applied the tones can turn a little bit orange like… and nobody wants to be a satsuma?!  One of the most positive factors of this palette is the crazy amount of pigmentation you get with each pan, so just a light dusting is perfect and goes a long way, which also means this palette may last a long while! This palette could easily double up with uses for eye shadows, especially if you love a warm neutral kind of look!

The palette offers eight pans perfect for contouring and highlighting, I have seen a lot of people compare and perhaps knock back this product in favour for  the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette – However, I think for a drugstore palette retailing at £18, NYX has done a pretty good job. This is a reasonably affordable palette that I am happy to use as my everyday quick make up fix, with strong pigmentations and product that blends easily and smoothly.

Has anyone got any good recommendations for setting powdecontour and highlight? 

Whats your fave palette? 




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