So today’s post is all about Bio Sculpture Gel Nails and all the reasons why I personally love them! After each time I’ve had them done and then gone back to painting them with normal nail varnish, it chips after an hour and I am instantly wishing I had the Bio Sculpture on them! I was originally introduced to the whole Gel nails scene after my best friend Katie (hey girl, if you’re reading this👯) is in the beauty industry and way back in early 2014 was training to be qualified in Bio Sculpture, she passed and is so fab at them, I’m so glad she introduced me to these gel nails… If anyones ever in the Hertfordshire area you should defs visit Katie 😘


I found the picture above on my Facebook account which was from Feb 2014 for my first ever experience with manicure like this. At this time I had pretty small nails and out of habit I’d pick at them – they’d never stay remotely long, grrrr! Once the gel polish was applied they lasted me weeks, and not once was I tempted to pick or bite my nails. They began to grow and also believe they got a lot stronger. I had previously gotten acrylic false nails and from them they damaged my nail beds and also thinned my nails causing easy breakage so I never looked back.

Here is a picture from whilst I was in sunny Croatia last July, I absolutely love this colour I think it is so pretty and colourful. My nails over the year had improved fantastically, which I believe is with the help of bio sculpture! The year before I went to Ibiza and my nail varnish would chip or if not that, then fade away from the sea water or chlorine from the pool! This was super annoying and doesn’t look great! Where as when I went to Croatia, Katie done my nails and they lasted perfectly throughout the holiday, for intact 3-4 weeks! They didn’t chip, fade, break and looked nice the whole holiday, hooooray! 

This was from the last time I had a bio sculpture manicure which I was treated to at a salon last September. I love this fresh, bright colour with the glitter nail detail. The glitter didn’t come off and leave trails of itself on any of my clothes, it was completely smooth which I loved! As you can see from this point how my nails have progressed from the original 2014 photo, they have taken shape, grown to a length I wanted and a lot stronger.


Now for more about Bio Sculpture Gel facts…

Bio Sculpture is a treatment for the nail that strengthens and produces growth for your natural nails. The product is applied to a pre prepared nail and cures under a UVA light which ultimately drys the nail with a glossy finish.

  • Gel’s once applied are hard-wearing and non chipping
  • No smells – Sculpture is so natural it has no nasty smells or fumes that you have to sit through smelling throughout your manicure!
  • Throughout no drilling will take place on your delicate nails – no damage or minor surgery ops yay!!!!  
  • Every therapist that offers this treatment has been fully qualified to do so and gone through a specific training programme – you’re in safe hands, no dodgy manicures! 
  • Although strong, they are thin and flexible plus super natural looking!
  • Does not chip or smudge
  • Soaked off with an acetone free solution in less than 15 minutes! With no damage to your natural nail!
  • Fancy a  change? Choose from over 140 different colours!
  • Great for a pedi!
  • Because sculpted you’ll see no ridges, smooth all the way through! 

There are nothing but positives that I have found personally or read up about with the Bio Sculpture Gel, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who was thinking of having this kind of manicure done!

Have you had your nails bio sculpted?




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