“A replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning”

I recently went to London to see the film premiere of Zoolander 2 in Leicester Square, and after finding our seats in the theatre room we were pleasantly surprised too a little goody bag awaiting under the seats. The little brown bag was the premiere’s sponsor; Kiehl’s with a few of their products PLUS they were all big sizes too! How generous! One of the items that was in the bag was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate Treatment 30ml bottle which would usually cost around £37 or a little cheaper depending on what store its bought from.

This nighttime facial oil works all night during your sleep working to replenish the skin with moisture and retain radiance so that you wake up with a smoother, softer, fresher feeling face! The packaging is nice and recyclable, a royal blue glass bottle with a dropper and a plastic squeeze top which gives such an easy application, as you only need around two drops per usage.


This concentrate helps to recover radiance by morning, paraben-free with naturally derived ingredients including squalane, omega 6, evening primrose oil and essential oils like lavender meaning it smells really nice – it reminds me of a spa treatment scent and it is relaxing!

Obviously name being in the title this is used over night time, the elixir will work during your sleep and I guarantee you will notice difference after using this! I apply this on after my nighttime facial cleanse, pop two drops onto my palm and then rub my finger tips in to the oil and gently press the main areas; forehead, cheeks and chin to evenly distribute the oil. Then I go ahead and gently massaging it all over my face. Depending on how your skin is feeling then you can wear this concentrate either alone or with a moisturiser.

As this elixir is all about replenishing dehydrated skin Kiehl’s have also recommended this product as a top tip for mixing it with hand cream to help dry hands and also adding it in to body cream for dry heels and elbows. They have also advised if you want that luxurious spa like bath experience then to add several drops to your warm water and enjoy the sooting scent. Lastly perhaps if you’re feeling stressed, then pump 2-3 drops of the oil on to your fingertips and gently massage your temples – inhaling the calming scent and wind down!

Before using it I was quite interested to see how it was going to work, the whole idea of putting an oily product on my skin did definitely make me question. The oil itself is water like and thin, so leaves you with a definite shine on your face after application however it blends easily in to the skin and by the time I woke up there was no trace of oil left behind which is amazing!

It definitely makes my skin feel softer and more radiant, goodbye tired skin! One thing I also read when researching and also agree with is that the oil reduces the appearance of redness which is a dream! I was lucky enough to not have to buy this on the first go however would have definitely been happy to purchase it, and will in the future when I eventually run out. I think its worth the money, its multifunctional and I personally can notice the difference. After only using two drops per use it should last a long while, and think it is great value for money.

Thanks for stopping by!

What’s your fave midnight treatment?





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