Hello girls,

Happy Easter! XXX

First of all… I am so sorry that it has been a while since my last blog post on here. I have literally been SO busy lately that regrettably I haven’t made any time for my blog – not out of choice but now I am hoping to change that. So this post is just a little quick catch up…

First and foremost and the main reason I have been slacking on the blog front is because I have now got myself a full time job. The hours are pretty long, I am leaving my house 7.30am and not getting home until 6-7pm each night. By the time I have dinner and shower – my head hits my pillow and I am out like a light. Starting this week will be my third week on the job, I am hoping now I am slowly getting in to a routine and used to these working hours I will be able to schedule it out. Starting a new job can be a very daunting process, it is early days and I am still figuring it all out. I think the main thing so far that I have learnt is to not be so hard on myself – this role is totally new to me. I worry what people think but I know we all start somewhere and have to allow ourselves time to learn and develop. I have also been hunting for a new car – but I won’t go in to details on that although its been super time consuming, especially this weekend.

The other weekend me, my mum, nan and Chris took a train to London for the day and had a great day out. We started off visiting the Alice in Wonderland Exhibition at The National Library. It’s a celebration to the 150th birthday of the classic children’s book, exploring how the story of Alice captured our imaginations for the many years it has been around. It is only a small exhibition but it’s free so you definitely can’t complain! You get to see original manuscripts, hand-drawn illustrations, articles, reviews and so on. After this we headed on the tube to the National Theatre to see a new musical which is showing until 30th April. This musical is inspired by Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – it is so hard to explain but it’s a modern twist that explores the whole concept of our online and offline lives – and how the internet has taken over. Please see the official trailer here to get a better idea of it – we all really enjoyed it and would 100% recommend it!

Me, my sister and my mum have also recently gone to Birmingham to attend the National Wedding show. My sister is getting married in September of next year so this trip was just a little thing to get some ideas. It was full with wedding dresses, craft stalls, make up stands etc etc. Also we plus my nan went to a wedding dress shop the other day for my sister to try on her first round of wedding dresses. It was so fun and so lovely to see her in some beautiful dresses for the first time ever. So happy to be on this journey with my sister, it is so exciting AND I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever! Eeeeek!

Me and Chris have also been to a couple of events over the past couple of weeks. The first one was at Fabric in London then last Thursday we were at Alexandra Palace. I love going to events with DJs, and after the anxiety of starting a new job it definitely felt good to let my hair down, have a drink and dance to good music! Getting the first train home in the morning… not so much!

I have plenty of items I want to do reviews/hauls about so I hope to get some of them uploaded soon. If there is anything in particular/series you would like to do then deffo let me know. I am also looking to do a collab post soon!

Thanks for being patient I hadn’t forgotten you!  Thanks for stopping by, until next time!





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