Hey girls,

So today I am back with a couple of Lush products that I am literally loving! I on and off suffer with the usual dry lips, especially when it is cold or windy outside. It’s not enjoyable everyday and certainly not if you want to wear lipstick and they look all chapped, no way!!! I have used many lip balms some that I have loved and many that didn’t really do anything other than have a nice scent! Since starting my new job I saw there was a Lush store local, and the usual lush scent smell drew me in to the shop. The rest was history…

I went in the store having a general browse until I got to the lip care section. I began looking at the lip balms – I ended up asking a store assistant what was best for dry lips. She actually was really helpful and advised that the scrubs would be better off for actually healing the dry lips. As she said lip balms are nourishing however you need to actually get rid of the dead skin, otherwise the lip balm is just creating a layer over the top without actually healing. She showed me the lip scrubs which I then remembered my mum actually bought me one for christmas, so I ended up only having to buy the balm.


I got the Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum for Christmas – and hand on heart if you love sweet scented things – this smells the bomb!!!! It literally smells like the nicest bubblegum I could quite literally eat it! I love the bright pink colour and the pot is a decent size with a lot of product in it. As I began to apply this it was easy to rub over the libs and you quite literally gently scrub. Whether this is just for prepping your lips by buffing and polish before your make up, or when you are out and about it’s super easy and I certainly saw the results. Just apply the exfoliating caster sugar with a clean finger, as you work the product in the jojoba oil will scrub away any dead skin and provide moisture to your lips. The scrub isn’t greasy at all, and a bonus is the product is actually edible so you can lick off the candy tasting sugar once your done lol!


After applying the bubblegum lip scrub I then apply the Lush Lip Service Lip Balm which the sales assistant advised to me. She said out of all the balms including the scented ones that the lip service one was the most nourishing to help heal dry lips. The balm is citrusy with rich blends of oils and butters – as well as benefitting from apricot kernel oils which is nutritious and helps to seal the moisture. Other ingredients include a blend of beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter. The balm initially looks quite a strange texture however once you warm up your finger circling the product on to it, it softens up in no time. Applying immediately after exfoliating feels SO good on the lips, and really do feel soft as well a citrusy fresh taste. Even applying this when not exfoliating it still really does a great job in hydrating them again. The consistency is thick and the best part is that each application is long lasting!

I am super happy with both these products, both working as a pair but also individually. Whether you have super chapped lips or not I’d truly recommend these items. They are great for maintaining healthy and smooth lips, and also taste good haha!

Whats your fave way to that perfect pout? 

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