We believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans. We invent our own products and fragrances!                                                                                                                                                         –  Lush


It’s been a while, I know – but looking back I think it has been a good break for me that I didn’t realise I needed. More than anything it allowed me to get my mojo back for blogging! I’ve read about bloggers block before, and where I have been so busy for work I was still learning how to delegate my spare time. All that said and done,  It has recently been my birthday and I got some wicked gifts that I absolutely love and have really been wanting to try! So I can’t wait to get back in to blogging and sharing this with you.

Since starting my new job I have found myself going out on lunch breaks and going to the quaint little town. In this town there is a Lush store and I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with it like never before! I only had really gone in Lush on the odd occasions when visiting larger shopping centres, and would only ever look at the novelty bath bombs. I began to look at the skin care products and learn more about the brand as a whole.

Lush have been officially launched since 1995, that’s over 20 years worth of product and brand development, which I believe they truly have found their niche in the market. Lush have great company values which you can read all about on their website. This post is focusing on two skin care products I have recently began using but instantly LOVE!


The first skin care product is the Herbalism Fresh Cleanser which comes in two available different sizes. I bought the 100g pot for £6.95, or there is 250g size available for £17.35. Alternatively if you aren’t 100% in purchasing right away, you can ask for a sample. I went in to the shop a month back and came out with a small tester for this. They give a generous amount which for me personally, really assured me that the product was worth the money after all. To use this I dampen my face and then take a small amount of the cleanser and work it in a rubbing motion in my hands, it then creates a strange kind of paste to apply to the face. The application is really simple, and it feels so gentle on the skin. It washes off really easy, and once removed my face instantly felt refreshed, brighter skin and most importantly clean. The nettles, rosemary and rice bran vinegar all help to really cleanse the skin working to remove dirt and grease leaving you with brighter skin! The rice bran also works really well with the ground almonds in the ingredients to help gently exfoliate the skin! Rose absolute and chamomile blue oil rejuvenate and help balance skin tone which is an absolute dream! Not only is there super organic and natural ingredients great for the skin, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals which is always benefical for revitalising our skin!


After using the Herbalism cleanser I have then been using Lush’s Tea Tree Toner Water after being recommended this in my local store. The sales assistant said that this product complemented well with how the cleanser works. Both are great for shiny/oily skin as well, I have noticed the difference since using these together. The main factor Lush prides this toner water on is that it keeps skin clear and feeling refreshed. The smell is really light and fresh – and after everytime I have used this I can instantly feel the benefits in the sense it is super refreshing! I haven’t been using it long enought to completely determine whether it prevents or elimnates spots – however I have noticed that if I can see I am about to break out, this stuff does to an extent prevent it from getting bad! Tea tree is great though as its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobal so you know it is good and not going to harm your skin. The grapefruit in the water is totally rich with vitamins and juniperberry is antiseptic which will too help to keep your skin clean. This can be used at any time of the day, whether after cleansing, washing your face, to keep refreshed and too remove traces of make up!!! A great all round product, I got the 250g size bottle which carries such a great amount of product that I imagine will last ages, and for £8.50 this really is super affordable and good for your skin!!! I love reading the label of Lush Cosmetics products, the ingredients are always natural and healthy – and more importantly simple!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

What’s your fave lush skincare?!





One thought on “LUSH SKINCARE LOVES!

  1. I love LUSH as you can tell from my blog and I love their concept as well. They care about the environment and animals, and have amazing products. I like the Tea Tree Toner as well. Right now I enjoy the Lettuce Face Mask, Movis Facial Bar, and Celestial Moisturizer.

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