Hello ladies,

Today’s post is all about a treatment that I have found myself to love this year. If you haven’t guessed from the title already I am talking about… LVL Lashes! I was quite sceptic of lash treatment/enhancements before, and maybe a little bit nervous due to the fact I’ve only ever used mascara and initially the thought of somebody touching my eye area anywhere from 40-60 minutes… sounded daunting! However at the start of the year I really fancied trying new things and started researching the different treatments out there local beauticians offer.

Hours before the treatment (no mascara)

When looking online, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was personally looking for. I knew I wanted to enhance my lashes but I was so unsure of what would have been the right choice for me. I don’t wear heavy make up, so it narrowed it down in the fact I wanted natural and subtle changes. I once had my make up down professionally, the MUA offered me lashes I was pretty hesitant as I really didn’t think these bold, super thick lashes would suit me. She put one strip on one of my eyes to see what I thought. I looked in the mirror. I was right, I didn’t like it. I have pretty long lashes already, length wise there wasn’t too much difference. However they were super thick and unnatural and also the outer corner were super long and flicky. It just wasn’t me?!

A couple of hours after the treatment (still no mascara)

I came across LVL on a few local beauticians price lists all averaging from £35-£55. After doing some research on Nouveau’s Lash Lift, I read some great reviews and was automatically interested. Unlike a regular, standard lash lift, LVL straightens your lashes from the root which ultimately gives you a noticeably longer and more lifted lash. The treatment takes around 45 minutes and the results are quite literally instant! The added tint at the end of the treatment provides that mascara look so you are always ready to go… or add mascara for even more lush lashes!

I soon found the urge to book an appointment and before I knew it, it was time to get them done. Because of the usage of tinting products, a patch test is required at least 24 hours before. Thankfully I had no reactions and was able to continue ahead with my appointment. My main concern beforehand was the thought of somebody touching my lashes for a long period of time. You know when you know you can’t do something, so you need to do it. Well, I kept thinking, what if I need to blink? What if I can’t open my eyes and I really need to?! Once we got started, this concern was quickly addressed and was not a problem at all! Each time I have felt at such ease and relaxed and never once felt like I needed to open my eyes. The time for me, personally went sooooo quickly! Before I know it, I am up off the beauty bed and looking in the mirror to my new lashes! Nouveau claim this  treatment will last from six to eight weeks. I find this statement to be true, in the fact around six weeks the tint has already begun to fade however the lash lift itself/roots are still lifted up until around eight weeks. When just going to work I have found I do not even need to bother with mascara, it’s so nice! I feel it really does brighten up your face, none of those tired eyes! As you can see from my pictures, the first one above shows my natural lashes just hours before the treatment and the second picture below is just hours after the treatment without any mascara. Once the treatment is done, my lash lady reminded me not to get the lashes wet for the rest of the evening and to also avoid steam/any hot baths for the night!

I honestly really love the LVL Lash Lift, it’s exactly what I was looking for, for my lashes! I think some prices may be a little on the high side, however you pay for the quality.  I think they are personally worth the hype!

Have you had LVL Lashes yet? What’s your thoughts?

Until next time,






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