Urban Decay:Alice Through the Looking Glass…


I don’t know about you, but I love Urban Decay products! I was lucky enough to be gifted with the Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette for my birthday back in May (thanks mum). When I say this is an awesome palette and looks as good as it does in real life to pictures… it really does! Like the Disney tale, the palette itself is unique, fun and quirky! It was a surprise to open this, and I fell in love with all of it from the pigments, packaging, shadows names… all of it!


The palette has been made for Disney in collaboration with the recent film release of Alice through the Looking Glass. It is limited edition and retailing at around £45. They took inspo from the last Alice In Wonderland ‘Book of Shadows’ palette to create this sequel. However this time around they treated us to 20 all new shades! Not only is there such variety, they also assort the pans into columns by character personality/style. You can have so much fun with this whether you fancy trying the Mad Hatter look or create your own! It really gives you so much to work with and the most fun, vibrant colours to play with!


When swatching these shades initially, I instantly noticed how velvety and easy to blend they were. Urban Decay ensured use of their Pigment Infusion System – which is a blend of ingredients that ensures each shade has its velvet texture, rich pigmentation, easily appreciated and long lasting staying power. Just the gentlest stroke on each of the pans would pick up enough product to swipe on my arm for these swatches above, they are so pigmented and creamy. I think the choices of colour really do the theme of Alice in Wonderland justice and are a great representation through the power of make up.


As you can see from pictures above the exteriror is so visually appealing, a Disney fan in particular would especially really appreciate the detail thats incorporated throughout this palette. I think its great quality for money and it really allows you to venture to perhaps a more bolder make up look too! I would deffo recommend it to anyone who was interested in it!

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3 thoughts on “Urban Decay:Alice Through the Looking Glass…

    1. Thanks for reading, I thought the same at first for me too! The more neutral shades in the palette work really well with the brighter ones, I’m loving the orangey colours at the min! Xx

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