HAPPY DECEMBER! Christmas is creeping up and I would be lying if I wasn’t to say I am literally BEYOND excited! The build up to Christmas is a festive period, whether happy, excited, bloated or stressed out haha… which is why I haven’t left all my Christmas shopping to the last-minute. This is my first Christmas related post, kick starting the month off with a brand that I believe will make a fabulous Christmas present or a great choice for your wishlist!

Spectrum brushes are a unique, trendy collection and brand, with celeb recognition, that truly stand out and have found their place in the industry. They offer vibrant and fun brushes yet still ensure a professional performance. Spectrum aim for and out brushes and promise exceptional quality…in which I believe they keep their promises because these brushes are a dream! PETA registered and a cruelty free brand, these high quality synthetic hair brushes are a great addition to add to your collection whether make up is just a hobby, for your everyday routine, your job, or an MUA…these brushes won’t fail you!

The four brushes I am talking about today are actually a set that Spectrum offer on their website. This set is the Four Piece Contour Face Set currently £29.99. These brushes are a perfect combination to help you create that beaut base of make up, let’s have a little look at these brushes…

The BO1 flat top buffer is the perfect start for applying your foundation. It blends so easily and even, with little effort required the soft bristles really work to get an all over coverage. Excuse the foundation residue on the bristles.. I cleaned them all, then used this one before taking the picture.. my fave brush for my foundation!! Eek!

Next up, the B02 domed buffer is a great tool to get that flawless look, gently use the brush to buff remaining product into the skin. The rounded brush is a great compact contouring brush and is a good size for working along the jawline, temples and cheekbones.

The C04 angled powder brush allows a perfect distribution of product picked up, and an easily application to create fierce angles and depth to contour the hollows of your face.

Lastly, is the c03 tulip powder brush, I absolutely love the design and shape of this brush head. It gives the perfect finish to any contour look, and works well with both cream or powder. I personally love this brush for setting my base with a translucent powder, it leaves a seamless finish to your look.

I honestly cannot fault Spectrum’s collection of brushes, I think for the design and quality of the product, makes the price inexpensive and worth the money! Not only do they genuinely offer great products, that apply well, they are literally aesthetically pleasing to look at…they just look FAB! They are all of a decent size, high quality synthetic hair meaning super soft bristles for your face, the ombré effect on the brushes, easy enough to clean… I could go on and on. You don’t have to buy a set, take a look on their website in which they offer all different types and styles of individual brushes. There’s so much choice, and great value for money. I’d love to hear how you get on with them too.

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