Bye bye breakouts… Mario Badescu, Worth the hype?!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion? Now, I cannot deny that social media totes made me buy this item! I think it was last year I originally heard about this item from Kylie Jenner on her snapchat, who often raved about it being in her skincare routine. I was interested but never actually bothered to look it up any further or thought to purchase it. It wasn’t then till again this year I have seen further posts on social media that it reminded me of this item, I researched where it was available to buy and saw it was on Beauty Bay. Something in me wasn’t too fussed, I kind of thought it was just the next hype, and stuck to my trusty pot of sudocrem.

Now, it wasn’t until two weeks ago Tuesday, that I woke up with what felt like a massive breakout invasion on my face! Primarily my chin, time of the month vibes, but nether the less I had a big night out on that coming Saturday and could not actually deal with the spotty teen face/chin!!! I woke up, looked in the mirror, grabbed my iPad and got myself back on the Beauty Bay website. I chose the glass bottle over the plastic one, but both options are the same weight of 28ml and both costing £14.

Ordered on the Tuesday morning, it had arrived by Thursday afternoon. I was getting a spray tan straight after work on Friday, so really I only had the one night to test this out properly. This week I have also suffered with a few breakouts on my chin, so I have been using this every night. My usual goto for breakouts since secondary school has always been sudocrem, I couldn’t actually tell you how much this actually helped but it has always been the first thing I have applied before bed. My problem with sudocrem is that it so easily rubs off, and so quickly I never know how much impact it has as a skincare product. I was expecting quite good things from this little pink bottle. When it arrived, not gonna lie, I then understood initially what the reviews meant when they said its a teeny bottle! But it was;t until I began actually using it, I understood that you only need a tiny amount of product upon every application. The bottle does advise that the solution is not to be shaken, so try avoid doing that! I use a cotton bud stick and dip into the bottle to reach the pink sediment at the bottom. Gently dab on desired problem areas, get some sleep and then wash the solution off in the morning. The thing I like the most about this, is once applied I feel like I can feel the drying sensation on that specific area, it dries quickly and doesn’t smudge or smear like the sudocream does.

I have only been using for a couple of weeks, every other night or when needed, but I can definitely say it has helped reduce the appearance of pimples, and really does dry them out. I wake up and there is a definite improvement, pretty much gone!  Results for me personally, are proving effective without irritating any surrounding skin. I have jumped on the hype, and can say I think this product is the sh*t and defo glad I invested to add this into my skincare routine. Thanks Kylie, IOU!

Is Mario you’re goto for banishing breakouts?! Let me know….

Until next time,



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