Yes To’s Grapefruit Face Kit Dream…

A relatively short but sweet comeback blog post from myself. But I just had to tell you about my evening last night. I had quite a heavy night out Saturday just gone, leading to a lazy hangover Sunday. Which I must admit, I was feeling a little sorry for myself – which wasn’t reciprocated from my family or boyfriend but then again  it was self inflicted right?! However, yesterday was back to work time and I just felt soooo tired, so run down & ill! I went in to town in my lunch break and decided that once I got home I was going to have a pamper night.

I popped into Boots, and had a browse over at what face masks they had to offer. I can be sooo indecisive but I saw this Yes To Grapefruit; 2 Step Face Kit and just snapped it up! The 2 step kit costs £4.99, which I think for £2.49something per pack is a really good deal!

I started off with taking my make up off, leaving me with a fresher but still dull looking complexion…sigh! Step 1 is a great prep for the peel your about to do next. Basically it’s a gentle scrub for your pores, to cleanse & exfoliate your face. So I started off by splashing my face with some warm water, I opened the first sachet and squeezed the contents of the scrub into my hand. Being Grapefruit it had a citrusy scent, but nothing too over powering. I begun to massage the scrub in circular motions, gently working around my face. Once done, wash off with warm water.

TIP.  It lathers up pretty quickly so looking back on it I could have probably gotten two uses out of both of the sachets, as a little does go along way!

After pat drying my face, it was time for step 2! The skin is nice & clean so you can go straight in with the peel. I applied an even layer all over my face and left it it on for 10 minutes. Again, I probably could have spared some of the product and used half another time. You definitely only need a thin layer. Whilst waiting I had a nice relaxing bubble bath, and let the peel do it’s magic! I could feel a subtle tingle as it began setting perhaps after 5 minutes, however nothing unusual for a mask, and for myself personally, no irritation occurred.

FYI. Step 2 is called a Pore Perfection Brightening Peel However it’s not literally a peel off face mask. It’s more like a chemical peel. So defo don’t try to peel it off your face, it won’t happen!

After roughly ten minutes had passed, I was out of the bath and washing off the peel over the sink. Wow! The results. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from it, as I have never used Yes To products. I toned before I went to bed, and applied a little bit of night cream. Instantly after the peel, my skin felt soooo soft! When I woke up the following morning I was really impressed. My skin still felt so smooth, I found my make up applied really nicely and my pores visibly reduced! More importantly, after a day of feeling dull and just a bit run down….I feel like I look more awake & more importantly  I look and feel refreshed!

For £4.99, I am definitely happy with this purchase and I will be buying it again.

Have you tried any of Yes To’s products, let me know I’m keen to know more 😊

Thanks for reading!


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